A Gravesend man was found dead in bed by his partner just 13 months after losing three limbs when he jumped in front of a train, an inquest has heard.

Bradley Jarrett, of Lancaster Court, York Road, Gravesend, was discovered by boyfriend Edwin O'Connell at his home just before 10am on February 1.

An inquest into the death of the 26-year-old former Northfleet Technology College teacher was held at Old Town Hall in Gravesend on April 10 and found he overdosed on prescription drugs.

Mr O'Connell told the inquest his partner of three years took medication for depression.

He said: "He suffered from depression for quite a long time, about 10 or 11 years, but it got more severe in the last two to two-and-a-half years."

Mr Jarrett had made several attempts to commit suicide in the past.

He had threatened to jump from the top of a multi-storey car park and on December 16 2012 suffered "catastrophic injuries", losing both legs and his left arm after jumping in front of a train near Gravesend.

Giving evidence, Mr O'Connell said: "He said he'd be dead by the end of the month. He talked about suicide a lot."

The inquest heard that on January 31 the couple had been celebrating Mr O'Connell's birthday at a meal with a friend, Eugene Thompson.

Mr O'Connell described Mr Jarrett's mood on the evening as "calm" and said he and Mr Thompson went out drinking, leaving Mr Jarrett alone in his flat.

He said: "He wanted to go home so we took him back and left him at home and thought he was in a sensible mood.

"I didn't suspect anything, he said a few things which come to think of it could have been a few hints.

"I got back about 5am. I was pretty intoxicated and I just went straight to bed and didn't think anything of it. I woke up the next day and he was blue.

"I phoned an ambulance straight away. He still had a phone in his hand, he was in the middle of texting a message."

Det Insp Peter Swan said officers were called to Lancaster Court at 9.46am.
He said: "Mr O'Connell was so drunk, he wouldn't notice if Mr Jarrett was dead or not.
"He was pronounced dead at 10.05am."

A post-mortem examination which took place at Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford showed there were "fatal levels" of prescription drugs found in Mr Jarrett's system.

Recording a verdict of suicide, Mr Alan Blunsdon said: "There was overwhelming evidence Bradley had taken a massive prescription drug overdose.

"He had obtained a prescription for drugs that he said he'd run out of and he used those as a means to administer an overdose.

"As we have heard in evidence from Edwin, he didn't observe any change in the mood of Bradley that would indicate he had any intention on that night to take his own life."