Residents are calling for extra speed restrictions on a Bexleyheath main road to help prevent a major crash.

Neighbours living in Belvedere Road spoke to News Shopper of their "shock" after a Volkswagen Scirocco collided with a BMW which then hit a telegraph pole and a VW van parked in the driveway of a house last week.

Many residents were left without phones for two days at BT worked to restore the service after the telegraph pole ended up in the front garden of another house.

Bexley Council installed road humps in Church Road and pedestrian refuges in Belvedere Road 10 years ago and have confirmed they are looking into putting in a speed indicator down the road to deter speeding drivers.

Bill French, 51, who has lived in the road for 22 years, said: "These speed indicators are a complete waste of time.

"The speed indicators just tell people how fast they are going.

"If anything they actually encourage boy racers because the indicator will tell you your exact speed.

"I think humps would help and chicanes would really help because people would have to slow down and give way to one another."

A Bexley Council spokesman added: "These consisted of road humps in Church Road and pedestrian refuges in Belvedere Road.

"Pedestrian refuges were installed at Belvedere Road because they offer a better and more comprehensive solution to the needs of the road.

"Road humps were installed at Church Road because it is not wide enough for pedestrian refuges.

"We do not currently have full details of last Friday's accident, but our records show that while there have been three previous accidents resulting in slight injury over the past three years, none of them were the result of speeding and none were the result of a trend which could be treated through further traffic calming measures.

"Speed Indicator Devices are only used on a temporary basis as their impact on drivers wears off over longer periods of time, so it is more beneficial to move them from location to location as the need arises. "

The male driver and female passenger of the Volkswagen Scirocco fled the scene before police arrived at last Friday's crash. No arrests have been made.