Campaigners in Bromley are calling for improvements across the borough to help its disabled residents.

Access All Areas (AAA), which is based at St Cecilia’s, a Leonard Cheshire Disability care home in Sundridge Avenue, launched a manifesto this month with the upcoming council elections in mind.

The group is calling for the "Spirit of 2012", brought about by the Olympics, to return, with better access to facilities and social care across Bromley.

Spokeswoman for AAA Susan Willats feels "far too many shops, offices and entertainment venues remain out of bounds", adding attitudes towards disabled people, which were more positive during the Olympics, are slipping.

The St Cecilia resident said: "When Bromley goes to the polls on May 1 it is essential that the voices of local disabled people are heard and the important issues debated. Our votes could be crucial and they must be earned.

"More cuts are on the way for us all. In times of austerity it is vital that disabled people are not left to pay the price.

"A lot seems to have changed since the glorious summer of 2012. We are concerned that the language and attitudes currently in use about disabled people in the country present a negative picture of disabled people.

"We would like our new council to promote the renewal of the ‘Spirit of 2012’."

A number of years ago AAA successfully petitioned for an elevator to be put in at Bromley South train station, and now hopes to work with the council and other organisations to see similar projects set up.

The care home’s activities organiser Ellen Driscoll, 24, said: "We’re hoping to do more. There are lots of things that need to be done."