Bromley conservative councillor Alexa Michael has waded in on the 'women who eat on tubes debate', saying women who have been photographed shouldn't have been eating to begin with.

'Women who eat on tubes' is a controversial Facebook group and Tumblr blog which posts photographs of women consuming food on the underground.

It has enraged members of the public, who see it as an invasion of privacy, leading campaigners to plan a lunch-time sit in on the Circle Line next week in protest.

Coun Michael, of the Bromley Common and Keston ward, texted the Metro newspaper this week expressing her views.

She said: "For those women who dislike being photographed while eating on the tube, I have a simple solution - don't eat on the tube.

"Eating on the tube is antisocial and public transport would smell much fresher if people refrained from eating while travelling."

She told News Shopper: "I think there's a time and a place for everything and eating on the tube is not one of them.

"It is anti-social, if it's smelly food it makes the whole tube smell.

"It is completely inconsiderate of other passengers."

On the Tumblr blog, Tony Burke, the man responsible, writes: "Everywhere I go I see women eating on tubes.

"Like little mice hiding packets of crisps and biscuits in their bags and purses.

"Slowly, secretly, guiltily raising each bite-sized morsel to their salty lips in the hope that no one’s watching.

"Well, I’m watching. And I’m photographing, documenting the fascinating world of the Women Who Eat on Tubes."