Travellers on Southeastern train line between London Bridge and Sevenoaks suffered severe delays after a water mains burst this morning (April 10).

There was a burst water main at Grove Park which caused the line to be shut for investigation. Services have now resumed.

But safety checks on the line between London Bridge and Cannon Street have led to a back-up of trains with delays of up to an hour.

A Southeastern spokeswoman said: “Earlier this morning we had an issue with a burst water main at Grove Park. The line had to be shut while we an investigation took place.

“We have got an issue with trains running through London Bridge to Cannon Street with safety checks taking place.

“There was a Network Rail report from a driver about something not feeling quite right.

“We shut the line to do a check and there is a back-up on services.

“There are delays of around an hour.

“Obviously that is hugely disruptive for our passengers. We are really sorry for the delays but when safety checks need to be done, it is better to do those safety checks.”