A man who climbed on a roof in Lewisham after police officers came to arrest him finally came down around 28 hours later.

Police were trying to persuade the man, in his 30s, who was “sitting calmly” on a roof at a property in Caterham Road, to come down during an epic 'waiting game'.

News Shopper: The man on the roof this morning, picture courtesy of Edward Parker Humphreys

He scaled the roof when officers attended the address on April 8 at around 3.30pm to carry out an arrest warrant after he failed to attend court.

A Met Police spokesman says he came down yesterday (April 9) at around 7pm and was arrested.

Neighbours say they heard him “shouting” at police and climbing across around eight roofs during the night of April 8. They say there were also riot squads on the scene to prevent him fleeing.

News Shopper: Lewisham man on roof overnight after police come to arrest him

Speaking yesterday (April 9), resident Edward Parker Humphreys said: “He’s been up on the roof all night but kind of flitting around the roofs. He is sitting there so calmly. He is not afraid of falling down.

“It’s been going on for about 19 hours. I could hear the shouting when police officers first got there about 3.30pm.

“He climbed across all the roofs, across seven to eight houses. He was arguing with police officers until about 12pm.

“There were riot squads just waiting to make sure he doesn’t get away.

“It’s been rather bizarre. We are not really used to it around here. It’s caused a bit of excitement.”

His mum Marie Parker, 49, added: "He's got to the end of the roof. The police are now up on the roof.

"At some point he's going to have to come down. He's got no food or water, he must be quite cold."

"Waiting game"

Police and specialist officers were in residents' gardens, on roofs and drinking cups of tea for the "waiting game".

Met public order trainers David Newbold and Roger Hosiene had not slept and were on the rooftops in two hour shifts overnight.

News Shopper: UPDATE: Lewisham man on roof comes down after 28 hours and arrested

Mr Newbold said: "I am feeling jaded. We were up all night.

"The residents have been fantastic, offering us tea, coffee, toilet facilities."

Mr Hosiene added: "He must have been really cold. We are trying to assist him really.

"The residents have been fantastic when you think they have been really inconvenienced."

Chief Inspector Graham Price added they were negotiating with him to protect the safety of the man, officers and residents.

News Shopper: PICTURED: Lewisham man on roof overnight after police come to arrest him

A Met Police spokesman said: “Police attended an address in Caterham Road, SE13 at approx 1535hrs on Tuesday, 8 April to carry out an arrest warrant for a man, aged in his 30s, who had failed to attend court.

“On arrival the man climbed on to the roof of the property."

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