Bromley businesses could benefit from thousands of pounds made available to access high-speed broadband, the council announced today (Tuesday April 8).

Rolled out by The Mayor of London as part of a countrywide government plan, the new scheme allows Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to apply for grants of £3,000 that would see connections of 30MB or more introduced.

It is considered the upgrades would allow local businesses to operate with more flexibility and efficiency, enjoying a “more productive and reliable” service.

Bromley Council’s head of business support, Martin Pinnell, praised the initiative and said the authority is encouraging applications.

He added: “Bromley has a fantastic range of local businesses across the borough and we are delighted that they will be able to access additional funds for such a key service.”

The borough’s opportunity comes as the Department for Culture, Media and Sport makes £100 million available to businesses across 22 cities across the country.

Businesses are able to apply online for vouchers, and 9,000 setups across the capital expected to be up and running by 2015.