A campaigner for the Save Lewisham Hospital campaign from Bromley has announced he is to stand at the upcoming European elections.

Consultant in emergency medicine at Lewisham Hospital Chidi Ejimofo said his experiences in the campaign inspired him to stand for the National Health Action Party, as they contest the London region.

Dr Ejimofo said: "I witnessed a coalition government so insistent on cutting services in the NHS, that despite repeatedly losing in court under their own rules, they have now simply changed the law."

After successfully campaigning against the closure of Lewisham Hospital A&E, Dr Ejimofo warned people "are unaware of how close they are to losing this unique institution."

The NHA Party works to oppose any NHS privatisation or cuts, and is already represented in London by comedian Rufus Hound and fellow Lewisham campaigner Dr Louise Irvine ahead of next month's European Elections on May 22.