The number of babies born to women over the age of 50 has doubled in the last few years.

In fact a total of 154 babies were introduced to the world in 2012 compared to just 69 in 2008.

To celebrate this new age of mature female reproduction, News Shopper thought it fitting to compile its Top 10 list of Women Over 40.

With a good diet and regular exercise these senior celebs could be in with a shout of joining the over 50s yummy-mummy club very soon.

10. Julianne Moore, aged 53

Prolific in the 90s in films such as Body of Evidence and Boogie Nights, Moore has kept herself in incredible nick to the point where she is still considered for raunchy roles in her 50s.

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9. Michaela Strachan, aged 47

She may be approaching 50 but this wholesome presenter has kept things Really Wild and still attracts a cult following of male admirers thanks to her sweet and innocent charm on BBC Springwatch.

Strachan, who began her career as Timmy Mallett’s sidekick, has forged a career out of wildlife presenting so knows her chiffchaffs from her willow warblers.

She is the only entry in News Shopper’s top 10 to have entered the World Gurning Competition.

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8. Rosemarie Ford (off the Generation Game), aged 52

Anyone in their late 20s/early 30s will remember the dreaded words “OK, straight to bed after the Generation Game” from their parents.

Of course part of the disappointment came from having to say goodbye to the lovely long-legged Rosemarie.

As this picture shows, Brucie’s loyal servant is still going strong.

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7. Heather Graham, aged 44

Best known for her sexy role as Felicity Shagwell in Austin Powers, Graham is still a sex-siren who can mix it with the best.

Her recent stint as the saucy Jade in Hangover Part III proves her career could go on as long as her legs.

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Dimitri Sarantis

6. Courteney Cox, aged 49

Following a career break after Friends, Cox returned to the small screen in stunning form.

In fact she was in such good nick they made a whole TV series about her Cougar status.

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Felicia C. Sullivan

5. Kristin Davis, aged 50

Yes that's right! Charlotte from Sex In The City is 50 years old.

Davis, the star who all the boys preferred over Sarah Jessica-Parker, is now plying her trade in the West End version of Fatal Attraction.

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4. Gwen Stefani, aged 44

There’s No Doubt about it, Gwen has still got it. Her good looks are lasting just as long as her status as one of the coolest women in music.

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3. Jennifer Aniston, aged 45

After 10 years of hopelessly terrible comedy films, 'Rachel from Friends' finally hit the spot with We’re The Millers.

In a scene which frustrated teenagers and dirty old men appreciated in equal measure, Aniston taught her ‘teenage son’ how to kiss and performed a raunchy lap dance to Mexican drug lords.

Recent years have seen the 45-year-old surpass love-rival Jolie in the 40-plus sex-siren race.

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2. Cameron Diaz, aged 41

Following a short break from sexy roles, Diaz stormed back onto the big screen in Bad Teacher as the seductively beautiful and troublesome Elizabeth Halsey.

A string of minxy roles have followed and she will next appear alongside Jason Segel in Sex Tape – a film about a couple who try to spice up their love life by filming a home-made porn movie.

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Caroline Renouard of Pixiel Association

1. Kylie Minogue, aged 45

Not only is the pint-sized pop princess a delightful piece of eye candy but she appears to be one of the nicest people in the world.

In fact Kylie is so popular she added an extra two million viewers to The Voice by simply spinning around in a chair. Respect.

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