A killer catfish has eaten around 70 of a Petts Wood couple's goldfish after slithering into their garden pond.

The black bullhead - an American breed - also helped itself to the pond's entire population of newt and frog, before its feast was brought to an end.

However the pond’s owners, Philip Webb and wife Trisha, do not bear a grudge against the slippery beast.

On the contrary, they are desperate to find it a loving new home.

News Shopper:

Mr Webb, of Greenfield Gardens, told News Shopper: "It was about 10 days ago that we found it.

"My wife feeds the goldfish and she had noticed the food wasn't being eaten at the rate it usually is.

"We decided to empty the pond and see what was going on.

"We usually have about 100 goldfish but we only found about 30.

"Eventually I saw this large fish thrashing around at the bottom of the pond. We think it has eaten 60 to 70 goldfish.

"We usually have frogs and a lot of frogspawn in our pond and we don't this year. I think it has eaten all the frogs, and the newts as well."

News Shopper:

Mr Webb believes the goggle-eyed menace found its way into the pond during the wet weather earlier this year.

The 65-year-old said: "We have a small stream running down the end of the garden.

"During the flooding period it was very high and, although our garden didn't flood, the ground was heavily saturated.

"It probably came down in the rush of water and found his way into our pond.

"It must have been like going to a lovely restaurant."

News Shopper:

He added: "We have been in touch with local aquatic organisations but nobody wants this poor old catfish.

"It's now in an old bath in our garden feeling sorry for itself.

"I can't bring myself to kill it. It wasn't its fault it ended up in our pond.

"And it’s not interested in eating our goldfish food. I'm worried it might die of starvation."

Can you find a home for the catfish? Call Philip Webb on 01689 827 156.