A cyclist was reunited with his bicycle ten minutes after it was stolen in Penge yesterday (April 3).

At 4.45pm Sergeant Rob Goodwin, on foot patrol in Penge High Street, was approached by Dedan Kamau, who said a man had just stolen his pedal bike.

A description of the bike and suspect was circulated over the radio and CCTV picked up a man fitting his description on the bike in nearby Evelina Road.

Police community support officer Julie Oldfield, on duty with PCSO Tommy Fuller, saw the man riding the stolen bike and managed to stop him.

The man ditched the stolen bike and ran off.

Enquiries continue to locate and arrest him.

The bike was restored direct to a delighted Mr Kamau within ten minutes of it being stolen.

Sergeant Rob Goodwin said: "This is exactly the response we want to achieve through safer neighbourhood policing, where officers are out responding to public priorities in the place where it matters most.

We are robustly and tirelessly targeting the issues and perpetrators that our communities want us to, bringing together action and interventions where they matter most at the neighbourhood level."