A Kent charity is warning dog owners to keep their pooches away from Easter eggs.

Labrador Rescue Kent and Borders (LRK) is urging people to be cautious as chocolate can prove fatal for canines.

It contains a toxic element called theobromine which dogs are particularly sensitive to and even the tiniest amount can kill. 

Humans can process this substance but dogs are unable to. 

Trustee at LRK Maggie Hinks said:  “It is better to be safe than sorry and to make sure that all Easter eggs are out of reach and kept in a closed cupboard.

“If a dog has eaten some chocolate it may suffer from vomiting and diarrhoea, and muscle spasm.  It will then have convulsions and could even die.  

“If in doubt contact your vet as soon as you notice something wrong, but try to make sure that temptation is not there in the first place. 

“You would not want to see your dog in such pain.”

The charity aims to recover, rehabilitate and rehome any Labrador Retriever in the County of Kent and its borders which has been abused, neglected or whose owners can no longer keep it.

Visit labrrescuekent.co.uk