Celebrity DJ Danny Baker joined a rock choir to remember a Dartford man as they unveiled a shop in his memory.

A year after former Bluewater worker Mark Katnoria, of Barham Road, tragically died in Cotton Lake, his friend Toni Hale opened a shop in his memory.

The store in Delacourt Road, Blackheath, relies on donations and employs people with mental health difficulties.

It is supported by the Mental Health Activity Trust, which Ms Hale founded.

News Shopper: Mark Katnoria drowned last year

Mark’s mum, Pat, attended the store opening on March 29 with Danny Baker and there was an open-top party bus and a performance from the Blackheath Rock Choir.

Ms Katnoria, 64, said: "I felt proud that Mark had inspired this.

"There needs to be more places like this, there aren’t enough charity shops supporting people with mental health issues.

"Toni has worked so hard on it and there needs to be more people like her."

News Shopper: PICTURED: Former Bluewater worker remembered at opening of charity shop in Blackheath

Ms Hale, 49, said: "Everyone who came and supported us on the day had a great time.

"Especially for Mrs Katnoria who's son lives on through us.

"That's the importance of this event - how we continue and move forward to help and support more people like Mark."

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