More teacher strikes could be in the offing in north Kent, one union member has warned.

Thousands of schools across England and Wales faced disruption on March 26 as members of the National Union of Teachers staged a one-day national walkout.

Across Kent 64 schools were closed or partially closed, according to the latest figures available to Kent County Council.

These include St John's Catholic Primary School in Gravesend, which was fully closed, and partial closures at five other schools in Dartford and four in Gravesend.

Lewis Doig is general secretary for the Gravesham Association of the NUT and an infant class teacher at Sedley’s Church of England Primary School in Southfleet.

He joined a gathering of more than 11,000 protesters in central London.

Mr Doig told News Shopper: "From an NUT point of view there’s a possibility of more strikes.

"A lot of Gravesham schools have been turned into academies.

"It does seem the attitude is to do that and then the problems will be dealt with but a lot of it is just window dressing.

"It is totally understandable if parents are annoyed but I would flip it and say people need to know those who are teaching their children are in a state of total and utter fatigue.

"They are completely run down, de-motivated and at breaking point."

Changes to pay, pensions and workload were the focus of the strike, along with what Mr Doig called "a lot of bureaucratic nonsense" frustrating teachers in terms of planning, marking and assessments.

A Department of Education statement said: "Despite constructive engagement with their concerns, the NUT took action that disrupted parents' lives, held back children's education and damaged the reputation of the profession."