Our favourite ice-cream van has started visiting News Shopper Towers again, a sure sign summer is on its way.

With this in mind, today we’re asking what your most loved ice-cream van treat is, be it a cone, lolly or some other frozen goodness.

What do you crave most when you hear the van’s tune playing or when you succumb to temptation after seeing one parked up outside in the sunshine?

Do you like to keep it simple yet sweet licking a 99? Do you like to suck something on a stick such as a cider ice lolly or bite into a chunkier offering like a Nobbly Bobbly or Feast?

Tell us your favourite ice-cream below and why you like it so much.

Also, do you know why the 99 is called that?

And have you ever told your kids any ice-cream van fibs, or been told any yourself when you were younger, such as the music means it's run out of ice-cream? Again, add your comments below.

News Shopper: Burning Questions

Our Burning Questions feature aims to settle some of life’s perennial arguments and answer some of its little mysteries with readers’ collective knowledge.

We’d love your suggestions for arguments and questions you’d like us to cover. What are the things that make you go hmmm? Add your comments below or email us