An Orpington family has been reunited with its pet cat after he jumped in a delivery van and went missing for over a week.

Four year-old Cornflake had been stowed away in a Mirror Outlet vehicle as the unsuspecting driver offloaded an item for a neighbour in Bromley Common.

The Codali family, of Home Croft Way, did not know where their beloved tom had disappeared to and launched an impassioned plea on social media to find him.

After 10 days with no sign of Cornflake, mum Terri, 32, was called by an Orpington resident who spotted him running down the road when she received a parcel on the same day.

On Sunday night the family rushed off to see if he was there and had him safely back home in time for Monday's breakfast.

Mrs Codali said: "It’s a miracle - we feared the worst.

"A lady got in touch on Facebook and said she had spoken to the driver.

"He told her where his last drop was. It was nice to see such good will.

"My husband and eldest daughter drove over to the address and got out the car and called his name - he came running."

Facebook user ‘Anita Seriously Baker’ who helped to find him, posted: "I’m so glad you found him, what a small world, I’m very pleased for you".

Mrs Codali added Cornflake was looking a bit thin having been "out there a long time", but added: "It’s so lucky he’s back.

"Our family is complete again".

A Mirror Outlet spokesman said: "We’re happy he has been reunited."