A new webcam has been set up to show live footage of the Churchfields Road reuse and recycling site.

It allows residents and traders using the site to check for traffic queues before starting their journey.

The news follows the installation of Waldo Road web cameras which have helped reduce congestion at the Bromley reuse and recycling site.

Executive councillor for environment Colin Smith said: "Journey planning does make a difference and these cameras make it simple to decide whether ‘now’ is a good time to visit or not.

"Regular users of the site will know there are times when the site is much quieter and there are no queues.

"Now that knowledge is being shared on the web for all to see to enable those visiting at busier times to adjust their arrivals, saving queuing time for themselves and reducing pollution levels for those living nearby."

The news follows confirmation of £145,000 of grant funding to improve both the Churchfields Road and Waldo Road sites. 

Click here to view the live footage.