Un-seasonally windy weather across the African sub-continent is threatening to cause havoc across the world.

Stronger than usual gusts in the Sahara saw large dust clouds settle around Britain. These clouds left sticky golden-yellow deposits right across the south east and London.

Although a nuisance and a bit messy, these sand storms pose no real threat.

However, the strong winds today threaten to whip up an even greater storm as the new currents are carrying a small, desert dust mite from Chad which threatens to attack our green and pleasant land.

The mites, which can cling onto the smallest particles of sandy dust are voracious feeders and can destroy whole crops in a matter of hours.

Environmental experts have issued a warning to farmers, horticulturists and even gardeners in Bromley, Bexley, Lewisham and Greenwich to keep a keen eye out for these African invaders.

The winds are not expected to trouble lower regions of Kent, but areas of Dartford and Gravesend have also been placed on alert.

The microscopic mites can be recognised by their larger than usual forehead and extra hair on their legs.

A minister for the environment from Chad, Ubin Hadde, said: “Parts of the Sahara used to be green and lush before this mite took hold, now everywhere is just a dusty wilderness.

“I wouldn’t like to think of us being responsible for inflicting such a plague upon Britain.

“Hopefully locals will be on their guard and can avoid these pests taking over.”

Anyone who thinks they have spotted one of the little mites should call 01689 885790.