A YouTube video uploaded by cyclist 'CyclingMikey' showing an altercation between him and a car driver in Bromley Common has provoked much debate among News Shopper readers.

The video shows Robert Lewis attempt to overtake CyclingMikey's recumbent bicycle, but the pair end up exchanging some heated words.

Arguments range from whether Mr Lewis was wrong to overtake CyclingMikey to whether CyclingMikey should have been using a cycle lane.

There is also a question mark over whether CyclingMikey was right to upload the video onto YouTube.

Tim Roberts wrote to News Shopper saying: "The fact is the driver should not have tried to overtake here, even if he thought he was being waved through (which I find hard to believe from the footage).

"The Highway Code is clear that cars shouldn't overtake when there is a pinch point ahead.

"The driver was clearly contravening rules in the Highway Code and his actions were potentially dangerous.

"The cyclist was only looking out for his own safety which should be the number one priority given the huge number of cycling deaths last year."

Meanwhile Brian Morris said: "It is the cyclist who was threatened by poor and inconsiderate driving.

"Who will come off worst in a collision between the two vehicles?"

However below the story BickleyBoy commented: "CyclingMikey strikes me as unnecessarily aggressive, my sympathies to Mr Lewis who has been outrageously maligned."

And Ferdy54 added: "So councils are wasting thousands of pounds making cycle lanes that a minority of people want and idiots like him don't even use them!!!

"The guy in the car is right, he should get on the cycle lane."

But ADDIKS181 hit back, saying: "The comments about cyclists using cycle lanes are all very valid so long as the cyclist is riding a small pink bicycle with stabilisers, ribbons and plenty of flags!

"Until the local authorities and the GLA properly invest in cycling, these situations will persist.

"Bicycle lanes need to be properly segregated and designed with modern bikes in mind, which do travel at speed and so should not be mixed with pedestrians."

People who have also had videos of themselves put on YouTube by CyclingMikey have got in touch.

Lee Concannon said: "In reference to CyclingMikey's video, this is a reccurring problem where he gives a hand signal, you overtake and he starts getting verbal at you.

"This happened to me in Keston, late summer last year.

"The first I knew was when I received a letter from the police.

"They told me they had reviewed the footage themselves and there was no issues with the overtake.

"I watched the video I was furious that my car details and details about me had been placed on YouTube.

"Looking at his videos I'm certain he goes out of his way to try and get people in trouble with the police despite giving hand signals which could be interpreted as overtake."

A police spokesman said: "We can confirm that officers in our Roadsafe London team was made aware of an incident involving a car and cyclist in Heathfield Road, Bromley, on August 11 2013.

"Officers from the Met's Roadsafe London team viewed footage of the incident and issued the registered keeper words of advice on overtaking vehicles on the road in line with rule 163 of the Highway Code."