WHAT do the Queen and Miley Cyrus have in common? No, not inner lip tattoos – teen pop prince Elyar Fox would love to trade places with them for a day.

Sat in a changing room-cum-cupboard at Greenwich’s O2, I asked the 18-year-old Londoner who he would switch with.

“The Queen,” he was quick to fire out. “Or Miley Cyrus. I’d try being Miley for a day. You don’t have to pay for dinner, you just have to do a little twerk.”

Those kind of surreal images are part and parcel of an interview with the playful singer, whose catchy second single A Billion Girls is out April 13.

As an up-and-coming pop star on tour with The Wanted and The Vamps, his schedule is full-on but he likes to unwind by playing video games.

He said: “Funnily enough, recently I have gone old school. I’ve been playing Crash Bandicoot.

“I actually dreamt last night I was Crash Bandicoot. How weird is that? I dreamt that I was jumping on this box, trying to smash it to get an apple out.  It was the best dream.”

The youngster shot to fame after his Youtube videos went viral and were picked up by, among others, American Idol host Ryan Seacrest.

From there, it has been a rollercoaster ride, with record deals and over 18 million Youtube views.

His first single, Do It All Over Again, reached number five in January and he has high hopes of bettering that this Spring before releasing his first album in the Summer.

His huge and ever-growing fanbase will be out in force to make sure the releases are a success, and Elyar is effusive about them.

He said: “It’s great to know people believe in you and support you unconditionally.”

He even takes obsessive fan behaviour in his stride.

He said: “It’s weird people finding out where I live. They try and break into my cabs and things like that. I think it’s sweet. They’re doing it because they care.”

Despite having a super-supportive and largely female following, Elyar reckons there’s been no difference in the female attention from before he was famous.

He said: “I don’t really go looking for it. Nothing’s changed. If I’m honest, I haven’t noticed a difference. But that’s probably just me being cocky.

“I might be a little bit naive. I might just not notice.”

Shortly after our conversation, Elyar took to the stage at the O2 to teenage screams and the flash of iPhone screens.

He said touring with The Wanted and The Vamps was the most exciting moment of his fledgling career.

“London is my home, it’s where I grew up,” he said. “Being able to play the O2 and do a whole set is like a dream come true.”

Even when he is not on stage, it sounds like he’s having a ball.

He said: “We all hang out. I’ve known The Vamps and The Wanted for quite a while now, since before we started the tour, and we hang out and play pranks on each other and stuff like that.

“It gets a bit out of hand sometimes.”

Elyar Fox’s single A Billion Girls is out April 14. He will also be supporting McBusted and the Backstreet Boys at British Summer Time at Hyde Park on July 6. Go to elyarfox.com or bst-hydepark.com