A disabled Eltham man says it is “criminal” Greenwich Council has left him in a flat with mould, damp and water running down walls.

Terry Devine and his wife Debora waited more than two years to move into the ground floor flat in Strongbow Crescent, after an accident at work left the 53-year-old with severe mobility issues.

The former construction worker, who pays rent to the council, says the couple’s home is blighted with damp and mould but nothing has been done despite countless phone calls.

The father-of-one said: “I am disabled, it is criminal really what they are doing.

“We have had nothing but problems with dampness, mould growing, water running down pipes in our hallway.

“It’s been absolute murder to try to get them to do something.”

Mr Devine had an accident heavy lifting at work on his 48th birthday in 2009 and has had deteriorating mobility problems and been told he will need a wheelchair.

The Devines were happy in their previous house on the Coldharbour Estate, but were forced to move in October last year after the stairs become too much of a struggle for Terry.

The house-proud couple are constantly scrubbing their flat to defeat the mould but it is increasingly difficult following Terry's accident.

He said: “We had a lovely place with a garden. We waited two and a half years to get this flat because I am going to be in a wheelchair.

“It has been a nightmare.

“It is putting more stress on me and my wife who is my carer.”

He added: “I don’t really want people feeling sorry for me, just for them to do what we are paying them for.”

A Greenwich Council spokesman said: “Greenwich Council is committed to ensuring that Mr Devine and his family are happy in their new home and any problems are tackled. 

“Following an Inspection in December 2013, an extractor fan and ventilation equipment was installed in January 2014. 

“However, it is agreed that a full damp inspection is required and this is scheduled to take place this week. 

"Following the inspection we will put in place all the necessary measures to provide a lasting solution to the damp problems in Mr Devine’s home.”