A last shot of winter has hit parts of Britain with a flurry of snow before temperatures are set to rise at the weekend.

Parts of south west England received a dusting of white as well as higher ground on the Cumbrian and Northumberland border.

Wintry showers and hail storms have also been reported across the country.

Snow ploughs were seen clearing snow near Hartside Top Cafe, in Cumbria, which claims to be the highest cafe in England.

But as the weekend approaches temperatures in London and parts of the south could hit 20 degrees with people enjoying the first real sign of summer.

Paul Knightley, forecast manager at MeteoGroup, said: "There's been a covering of snow over Dartmoor, some in places in Scotland and other parts of high ground.

"Over the next few hours a few more showers of snow will continue towards the south west of England and a little bit for the Pennines too.

"As we get towards the weekend there will be a change in the wind which will pull warm air from the continent and temperatures in London might get up to the 19 or 20 degrees."

This would mean the weekend could see temperatures double what is normally experienced at this time of year.

But forecasters are warning that not everyone will benefit from the upturn, with eastern and north eastern parts of the UK facing a cold wind and showers.

Mr Knightley said: "Some areas will enjoy the warmer weather but there also will be exceptions. F urther to the east and above the Humber area there be will a south east wind which will be chilly."

It is also thought that temperatures may continue to be slightly higher than normal through next week, but still with a risk of more rain.