An old woman in Orpington has been robbed at her home by men claiming to be police officers.

On Saturday March 23 two individuals knocked on the door of a property on Court Road and said they were investigating burglars in the back garden.

The victim, 80, did not believe the story and refused entry – at which point the suspects pushed past her into the house, Bromley Police have reported.

Officers are currently investigating the incident, which took place at about 7pm, and a spokesman said the men made an “untidy search of the house” before making off with the victim’s handbag.

He added the pair fled with around £100, while the lady is said to have required medical treatment.

Neighbours Mr and Mrs Cracknell, 82 and 75, said they sometimes help with food shopping and prepare Sunday lunch for the woman, adding she is very security conscious.

Mrs Cracknell explained: “She’s very wary of these things – someone must’ve been watching her. She’s on a frame so they probably saw that. It’s awful.”

“It’s so dark up here – in the winter it’s terrible. We didn’t see anything.”

Another resident, a woman aged 82, who asked not to be identified, said she is concerned about the burglary and also noted the lack of street light.

She told News Shopper: “It’s very dark, there aren’t any street lamps.

“It’s terrible what happened. I don’t open the door at night – I look out the window and if I don't know them that's it.”