A Bromley driver is "annoyed" and "upset" after a video of an altercation he had with a cyclist found its way onto YouTube.

The incident happened last Thursday (March 20) as 56-year-old Robert Lewis drove down Bromley Common.

He attempted to overtake a recumbent bicycle, but ended up exchanging some heated words with the man riding it.

That man was 'CyclingMikey', a YouTube phenomenon who has uploaded numerous videos of his cycling experiences.

Mr Lewis, of Southborough Lane, said: "I didn't sleep very well over the weekend because it really upset me.

"I don't really get into confrontations with people on the road.

"I don't speed, I've never had a parking fine since I started driving in 1975.

"I'm annoyed he's put this thing about me on YouTube.

"He's given me this hand signal and I am thinking he's wanting me to pass.

"He says 'stay away from me' and he says he's going to put the video on YouTube which I think is an infringement of my privacy.

"I think he does normal cyclists a disservice by not using the cycle lanes for safety reasons, but happily using them if traffic impedes his progress."

Below the video CyclingMikey writes: "The real question is why can't you overtake me safely and normally?

"I'm an experienced driver, so I understand exactly what you should be doing.

"As an experienced cyclist with instructor training, I understand how I should be cycling too."