A 14-year-old Lewisham carer who looks after his parents in two different homes has been named a finalist in the Young People of the Year awards.

Nathan Campbell looks after his mum Lorraine, a 43-year-old kidney patient who goes for dialysis three times a week, at home in Morden Street.

At weekends he cares for his 53-year-old stepdad Michael Mckenzie, who had a leg amputated and lives in a disabled flat in Bromley.

His mum said: "Any little thing I find hard to do, whether going round to the shops or whatever, Nathan will willingly do it. I don't know what I would do without him."

Nathan was nominated in the awards by his teachers at John Roan School.

Form tutor Julie Smith said: "Nathan spends considerable time each day caring for his parents. This does not impact on his school work. He is a very caring and selfless young person."

The teenager will discover this weekend if he will win the top £1,000 prize in a competition judged by a panel including Labour leader Ed Miliband.

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