Greenwich, the home of time, could be about to get a world's first - a lunar clock powered by the tides.

An initial report by the Aluna Project says the 40m-wide, 13m-high piece would be placed on the bank of the Thames at the peninsula, just west of The O2, close to the Blackwall Tunnel and the under-construction Arora InterContinental hotel.

Powered by tidal turbines, it will be formed of three concentric glass rings with LEDs beneath, producing light which illustrates the waxing, waning, rising and setting of the moon, along with the ebb and flow of the tides.

Along with the sculpture itself are plans for an artificial reef and a viewing platform.

The scoping report states: "Aluna will be the world’s first tidal powered moon clock, and a monumental timepiece for Greenwich, London, the UK and the world.

"As a beacon for a peaceful, sustainable future, Aluna will change the way we understand time and promote the slower natural rhythms of our blue planet that have shaped our past and will continue to determine our future."

No plans have yet been submitted to Greenwich Council. Construction would take around 16 months and could be completed in autumn 2016.

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