Welcome brave explorers, this is your starting point for the great News Shopper Scavenger Hunt competition.

If you choose to accept the epic mission you will be sent on a search around this website to find seven letters which have been hidden on different pages.

You’ll be given a clue to help you find each one.

Once you have found all seven letters you’ll need to rearrange them into a word before entering the competition.

A winner, chosen randomly from the correct answers after the closing date on May 5, will win an Amazon Kindle.

The correct seven-letter word is loosely based on the prize.

If you’re ready to embark on this quest your first clue can be found below.

Use your wits and wisdom to figure out where the clue is sending you, then visit the appropriate page of the website to find the first letter. Once you get there you’ll get your next clue directing you to the second letter.


If you have some leisure time on your hands, you might want to think about going out and about to see what’s happening.

Got an idea where this might be leading you? Then begin your adventure, and good luck.