A new Lewisham group has pledged to help protect council housing in the borough - and is challenging local election candidates to join in the debate.

Defend Council Housing plan a hustings in Deptford's Evelyn ward ahead in the run up to next month's local elections.

And the group - on the lookout for members -  is openly inviting all candidates to take part, making clear where they stand on the issue.

Daniel Strange from the group said: "We will be making the argument for council housing, its security, affordability and accountability at a time of rising council housing waiting lists and sky-high rents for those renting privately."

He said: "It is painfully clear - the people of London don’t need more of the housing speculation, over-priced flats, and buy-to-rent schemes which continue to be given planning permission by councils at the expense of affordable homes for local residents.

"In the midst of the housing crisis democratically-run, accountable and truly affordable social housing is the sustainable solution

For more information visit lewishamdefendcouncilhousing.tumblr.com