The ‘no make-up selfie’ has been a craze in the past week, with women posting pictures of themselves online supposedly with their skin au naturel for a cancer awareness campaign.

Among other things, the #nomakeupselfie trend has highlighted how women can look just as beautiful without make-up as they do when adorned in expensive cosmetics, which begs the question why do women wear make-up at all?

Is the main reason just that it’s an accepted norm which women feel they need to conform to? Is it about self-confidence, helping women to feel to feel better about how they look? Is it to impress other people? Or is there another reason why women spend so much time and money doing it?

I’m sure I speak for many blokes who have seen women trying to apply make-up to themselves on the morning train or watched their partner get ready for a night out when I say the whole cosmetics thing is very confusing!

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