A Nazi trench coat, a bank note signed by train robber Ronnie Biggs and one of Drew Barrymore’s miniskirts are just a few items at a private museum in Locksbottom.

Michael Maxted, 33, has been collecting artefacts, prize goods and celebrity pieces since he was a boy and now has his very own ‘memory museum’.

He said he is now hoping to find the money to hire a suitable location that would allow him to open it up to the public.

Mr Maxted, who asked for some of his details to be withheld to keep his possessions safe, added some of his wares are very valuable and rare.

He told News Shopper: “I really want to get started – I’ve got loads of ideas it’s just having a place to display everything.

“I’ve been collecting and collecting. One day I would like to get a proper museum.

“There’s so much memorabilia, I’ve got tons of stuff. My family has always collected interesting things. ”

Among some of his most notable objects are celebrity autographs, including pop star Gabriele, a note from notorious East End criminal Reggie Kray, a uniform worn by an actor in London’s Burning and a WW1 knuckle duster found on a battlefield.

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Mr Maxted mentioned his horde, which fills an entire room, has attracted interest from a well-known TV show.

He said the original German coat of an SS officer could be worth as much as £1,000, while listed the skirt worn and signed by Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore as one of his favourite items.

He added: “It’d be great to open it up to everyone – there’s not really anything like it around here.”

Also in the collection are early 1900s reading glasses, his grandmother’s 1920s handbag and an Auschwitz Cross – a Polish decoration awarded to honour survivors of concentration camps.

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