Lewisham primary school children took to the high street wearing chicken beaks to highlight a lack of safe road crossings near their school.

On March 17, students from St Saviour's were out on Lewisham High Street asking members of the public if they shared their concerns over the absence of pedestrian crossings.

They campaigned on a busy part of the street, which only buses pass through, that had no crossing - and watched as several pedestrians raced across the road.

News Shopper: Lewisham primary pupils dress as chicks for Lewisham High Street crossing warning

The campaign was done in partnership with Citizens UK, an alliance of community groups. Lead organiser Peter Brierley said: "There was a lady with kids who was trying to get across who nearly got run over by a bus. Three or four people, while I was stood there, nearly got run over by buses.

"I don’t know why nothing’s been done about it. I know that previously it’s been brought up and I think at some point someone in the council or at Transport for London (TfL) said it would be a part of a redevelopment scheme, but that was years ago and nothing has happened.

"All it would take is one person to get run over by a bus - imagine how TfL or the council would feel having not done anything about it."

Teacher Fran Botley said: "The lack of a crossing on Lewisham High Street has been an issue for our pupils for some time. We are working with Citizens UK to teach the pupils that they have a voice and by using it can influence politics in their area to create a better community.

"The children were keen to do something fun to raise awareness of this serious issue. When planning the questionnaires and public action the children kept coming back to the joke ‘why did the chicken cross the road?’

"The children are worried that it’s far too dangerous to get the chicken to the other side."

A Lewisham Council spokesman said: "Due to the road layout and the high number of bus stops in Lewisham High Street, we cannot site a controlled crossing north by the junction with Albion Way. However, there are crossing points nearby.

"We advise school staff on road safety education and are working with St Saviours Primary School on their individual school travel plan.

"Road safety work is ongoing with the school to address the issues raised in their school travel plan, including pedestrian safety at the junction of Courthill Road and Lewisham High Street.

"Transport for London is due to carry out improvements for pedestrians and cyclists in cooperation with the Council at this junction and improved safety facilities should be commencing this summer."