The following is a top 10 list of independent shops around Bexley which are no longer there, including stores in Belvedere, Erith, Northumberland Heath and Bexleyheath.

The list was compiled by Donna Anderson, 37, from Belvedere.

Donna said: “I grew up in this area and really miss the little independent shops that have closed over the years since the 1980s.

“There were some lovely things to be bought in them and the pleasant staff really enhanced a kid’s shopping trip and made it a pleasure to go out and about in Bexley.

“I went into memory overdrive thinking of this, had to narrow it down to 10, hope other people can add their own cherished memories too.”

If there are any other Bexley shops you remember fondly tell us about them in the comments below.

1. Nuxley Toys in Belvedere. What a joy this place was, toys to suit every kid in the area whatever they liked, from dolls to teddy bears to games.

News Shopper:

Flickr contributor Dave Patten outside TW Records in Erith in 1977

2. TW Records. Awesome shops. There were three stores in Erith, Plumstead and the Broadway which stocked all the rare records that Woolworths never bothered with because they weren't top 40 - 12 inches and lovely vinyl - music heaven. There was a blonde lady who used to work in the Erith branch who always served everyone with a smile and chatted to the customers, unlike the big stores.

3. Togs in Albert Road. Low-priced clothes and again chatty staff. I think all the kids from Lessness Heath primary had socks and underwear from there in the 1980s.

4. The Ideal Store in Riverdale Road opposite Filston Road. Better known as Nardi's, this was an essential little grocery store for the locals and she always responded to the tap on the door after closing when our mums had run out of some cooking ingredient!

5. Bagnall's shoes in Nuxley Road. Great shop with nice shoes and bags.

6. Betty's the greengrocers in Nuxley Rd. Fruit and veg always tasted wonderful from there. Who could forget the juicy apples and oranges!

7. Pandora's Box in Erith town centre. Lovely little treasure-trove of a shop with the most glittering, sparkly knick-knacks I've ever seen.

8. Eynsford Video. Who didn't eagerly await the weekend trip to this lovely friendly store in the Bexley Road, North Heath, to rent the latest blockbuster on video? I personally remember when they introduced picture ID and everyone fell about laughing at the pic the staff took of my mum - if they hadn't known her, she would never have rented another title from there! Great selection of videos back in the 1990s.

9. Busy Bees in Nuxley Road. The repair shop for when we just couldn't throw away those comfy shoes.

10. Mallins, first in Nuxley Road and then in Bexley Road. Great little supermarket.

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