A Sydenham nightclub whose amorous punters were accused of romping in the street has had its opening hours reduced.

People had complained that some Zanzibar clientele fought, urinated and even had sex in Kirkdale neighbours' gardens on rowdy nights which ran until the early hours.

Now a Lewisham Council licensing committee had decided the club should shut at 2am from Thursday to Sarturday.

Ward councillor Coun Chris Best said: "Everyone was wanting quiet dispersal and an end to the illegal activity of jerk chicken traders, parking on the pavement, urination, sex in the garden, fights and noise nuisance and the committee accepted the logic that if there was no nightclub with a 5.30am closing time then there would not be this an anti-social behaviour.

"This decision shows that residents who stand up and say no more of this anti-social behaviour can expect the support of the police and Lewisham's local authority."