My dog, Sid, has a habit of licking people’s hands while they’re stroking him.

Sometimes if I fall asleep on the sofa, I am awoken by Sid licking my face. How do I stop it?

Laura, 25, from Petts Wood

Dogs that excessively lick can be a common problem for owners, writes animal behaviour expert and lecturer Sophie Marriott of canine behaviour consultancy Endless Pawsibilities.

It is often regarded as a sign of affection and is thought to release endorphins.

Endorphins create a pleasant and comforting feeling, which may be why this behaviour has become persistent.

As Sid is licking while being petted this causes the behaviour to be reinforced.

Some owners make the mistake of stroking their dog, in an attempt to stop the licking.

However this will only tell your dog that if he repeats this action, he will be rewarded.

Once the stroking stops, your dog may begin to lick until you to pet him again, creating a cycle.

In order to stop it, Sid can no longer be allowed to lick anyone.

Once the behaviour occurs that person needs to stand up and move away from him.

Clearly showing him that he will receive no attention for this behaviour. If you are petting
Sid and he begins to lick, stop stroking immediately and move away.

It is important that Sid only receives a stroke when he isn’t licking.

If everyone follows the same action Sid will soon learn that if he licks he will receive no attention.

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