FITTING exercise into your working week can often be a stretch, but the chaps at charity Widehorizons have some tips for how you can manage it.

Why are these tips coming from a charity which provides life-changing adventures for children and young people, I hear you (sort of) ask? Because Widehorizons is organising the excellent Nightline fundraising walk on June 21, which News Shopper is supporting.

There are 25km or 50km options, weaving their way through south east London and into Kent.

The charity recommends you try to train three times a week, and here’s how you can squeeze in sessions:

• Plan your week so that you’ve got your training sessions scheduled in

• Get up an hour earlier to train or use your lunch breaks at work to get outside

• If you can walk or cycle to work then do it! If work’s too far away then why not try and walk or cycle to and from the train station each day?

• Join a gym; most gyms have personal trainers who can design a programme especially for you. Have a go on a treadmill or exercise bike, or try a spinning class to clock up mileage. However, this is no substitute for true outdoor conditions so it’s important to still do some of your training outdoors

• Try different types of exercises as well as walking such as swimming, cycling, running, squash, and team sports

• Find a set of steep stairs e.g. five floors of an office building and do five sets three times a week. This will help to build your strength and stamina

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