As a 14-year-old paperboy remains in hospital after being hit by a lorry in Erith, another youngster struck down in the same road last year is attempting to "rebuild" his life.

Cyclist Liam Fletcher was hit by a van on Thursday (March 13) at the junction of Bridge Road and Northend Road and was rushed to King's College Hospital with serious head, spinal and leg injuries.

The incident occurred only a few months after another youngster, Josh Collins, was hit in the same spot.

Now Bexley Council says it will discuss the road's safety with TfL this week and consider introducing traffic calming measures after speed cameras were removed.

Josh’s mother, Nicola Collins, told News Shopper how her “prayers go out” to Liam’s family.

The 12-year-old is still recovering after he was hit in the same place as Liam, on the A206 Northend Road, in July last year.

The Bexleyheath Academy pupil suffered bleeds to the brain, fractures to his skull, right arm, shoulder and was airlifted to Royal London Hospital in a critical condition.

News Shopper: Police have closed a section of Northend Road in Erith this evening. Pic by @Martinmorrish2

'Something needs to be done'

Mum Nicola, of Parkside Avenue, Bexleyheath, told News Shopper: "He’s back in school but in the special needs class. He’s not the little boy he was before.

“He has post-traumatic stress disorder and has panic attacks – he needs people with him all the time when he’s out.

“I took him out to my brother’s party and he was really anxious, before he was outgoing and would have been partying away.

“He’s having to reform all his relationships from before the accident because he didn’t remember any friends or family after he woke up from the coma. He’s rebuilding his life all over again.

“He had three months intensive rehabilitation and is still having surgery, and speech and language therapy.”

Mrs Lean said her thoughts are with Liam’s family at this time.

She said: “I would say to them, just have hope and give it time.

“Something needs to be done about the road – urgently.

"There were speed cameras but they were removed."

Bexley Council's response

A Bexley Council spokeswoman said: "We continuously review and investigate accidents and their locations across the borough.

Safety cameras are the responsibility of TfL.

"At the last review, TfL determined that the safety camera in Northend Road was no longer necessary.

"The council is meeting with TfL this week and will raise the matter at that meeting.

"As a temporary traffic calming measure, we will look into setting up a Speed Indicator Display to make drivers aware of the speeds they are travelling at, however, speed monitoring and regulation are the responsibilities of the police."