Residents of a quiet West Wickham street awoke to rubbish being scattered outside their homes in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Project manager David Ford, who lives on Copse Avenue, said just before 6am he heard a large vehicle dumping waste just outside his property.

He mentioned it is the fifth time this type of incident has happened in just 12 months and on this occasion bricks, baby seats and planks of wood were among the items left strewn across the tarmac.

The 64-year-old told News Shopper: “It was tipped right outside my house – what seems to be happening is in the early hours of the morning I think a tip-up truck is coming round.

“I can hear the noise but by the time I get up to have a look it’s gone. They (those responsible) leave rubbish dumped all along the road.

“It makes me angry they make such a mess – they keep getting away with it. It seems nothing can be done.”

News Shopper:  News Shopper:

Mr Ford said it is a civil matter and has contacted Bromley Council on a number of occasions to try to resolve the situation.

He added after he and other residents got together to clean up the rubbish council workers came to collect the debris.

Now he is hoping CCTV footage can be accessed to catch the culprits and prevent future incidents. A council spokeswoman said she is looking into the situation and is going to provide a statement.