A Crayford woman has revealed how building work for her disabled daughter’s extension ground to a halt for 14 weeks leaving her house like a "building site".

Danielle Ralph, of Thames Road, has struggled to carry on with her everyday life as the builders abruptly stopped work on the wet room and bedroom for seven-year-old daughter, Morgan, in December.

Morgan has a rare chromosomal disorder, Pallister-Killian mosaic syndrome and is unable to walk or talk.

News Shopper: Mum of disabled child left with 'building site' of a home as extension halts for 14 weeks

Mum-of-three Ms Ralph has been forced to share a bedroom with Megan, lift her up the stairs and bathe her in the normal bathroom which is not equipped for the youngster.

The two other kids, Georgia, three, and Tyler, one, are also sharing a room.

Ms Ralph, 27, told News Shopper: "It’s so frustrating - we’ve been waiting two years for this extension.

"I have no access to the back garden, I have to have my daughter in the room with me, I'm having to wash her in our current bath, I’m carrying her up and down the stairs.

"We specially moved into this property because my last one had no disabled facilities.

"Morgan is in a wheelchair, she can’t walk or talk.

"It is really stressful - I just want my kids to have their own room."

She added: "I was depressed before but this has made it even worse. They’ve just decided I’m not a priority.

"It should not be like that - I’m a single mum and it’s stressful enough having a disabled child anyway."

The building works were stopped when workmen discovered a problem with the foundations and a redesign of the extension was required.

A Bexley Council spokeswoman said: "An unforeseen problem was discovered with the ground condition once excavation works had started back in December.

News Shopper: Mum of disabled child left with 'building site' of a home as extension halts for 14 weeks

"This unfortunately required the works to stop while an engineer and a specialist company were asked to design and price a revised scheme of works for the foundations.

"The scheme has now been agreed, however there are substantial additional costs involved and we are waiting for these to be approved by the landlord, L&Q."

An L&Q spokesman said: "We were contacted last week by Bexley Council and informed that additional work is necessary before the original job can be finished.

"Now that we know what is needed, L&Q will approve these works so the improvements to Ms Ralph’s home can be completed as soon as possible."