A self confessed 'couch potato' has dropped five dress sizes to become half the woman she was with the help of the mum.

Helen Baker, 43, of Herbert Road, Bexleyheath decided to do something about her weight after she ballooned up to a size 20 weighing 13 stone.

Ms Baker was spurred on by her mum Barbara Baker, 66, who kept telling her to try and lose weight.

After joining Weight Watchers together nearly two years the mother and daughter have lost a combined seven stone- Helen is now a size 10 and Barbara is down to a 12 from an 18.

Ms Baker used to suffer from severe migraines and the medication she was prescribed meant she ballooned from a size 14 to 20 in two years.

Ms Baker said: "My pictures were appallingly before I went to Weight Watchers, it took a while for me to kickstart myself.

"I was always a bit of a couch potato but I was quite active when I was younger so it didn't really matter.

"After I was put on the migraine tablets my weight ballooned and having a stressful office job didn't help.

"When I finally got to Weight Watchers and was weighed I was just mortified.

"Just before that mum and I joined the gym but we only went once in three months.

"Mum the convinced me to try the local class in Pickford Lane and before I could finish my sentence I had my coat on and was out the door.

"It has been a journey we have been on together and we are really proud of each other.

"Mum did it more to encourage me and it was a bit of healthy competition."

The mother and daughter, who live together, have also rehauled their diets and swapped coffee and cakes for porridge and bananas.

Ms Baker added: "My meals used to be massive and we have really cut down the size of our meals.

"Lunch is now a wrap with fish and ham and dinner is normally meat and vegetables.

"We have both reached our target weight and are still going to Weight Watchers to make sure we maintain it and now we help lead the group."