Regrets, have you had a few? If you had the chance to tell your younger self something, what would you say?

Legal & General has carried out a survey and found 21 per cent of people in the south east wish they’d been braver when they were young or done things that made them feel happy.

Meanwhile, 17 per cent of those surveyed would tell their younger self to work harder at school and 16 per cent wish they could tell their younger self to take better care of their finances or save more.

Sixteen per cent would also say “don’t smoke”, 10 per cent would say look after your health, a further seven per cent would say spend more time with loved ones and four per cent would recommend paying more attention to parents’ advice.

Data also shows that 62 per cent of people in the south east would take an opportunity to re-live a previous time in their lives, and 29 per cent think they were happiest between the age of 21 and 30 years.

If you could somehow give your younger self some advice to prepare, well, you for the life yet to come what would it be? Add your comments below.