This is a top 10 list of things unique to Lewisham – weird little quirks that give it character.

Helena King, 21, from Lewisham, compiled the list and said these are things “that you could do in Lewisham, but nowhere else I have ever known or heard of, which are socially acceptable.”

1. Being a one-man band equipped with front drum and harmonica, playing through Lewisham High Street at 2am when I'm on my way home from a club and no-one bats an eyelid. In fact, the odd drunk will start dancing up the round with him.

2. Where the guys in the chicken shop give you free chicken on your birthday. And ask how your mum is.

3. When a guy lets his Staffie dog poo on the pavement and walks on, then a grumpy old Chinese lady picks it up in a sandwich bag and lobs it at the back of his head, then screams at him in Mandarin.

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Pic by Andrew K Brown via Flickr

4. When a guy in the local Wetherspoons poops himself then pees in the corner and refuses to leave and when you ask what the smell is the staff say “don't worry it's just one of the regulars.”

5. Where there are four 99p/£1 shops and people still complain at how pricey everything is.

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6. Where drunken slurred speech is considered a local language.

7. Where wine can be bought two bottles for £5 - well, I say wine, it was labelled that, but it could probably also power aeroplanes.

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9. Where you can go bowling...and as you go through the doors 'back to the future' it 30 years to the 80s. There is debate over how intentional this is.

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Pic by Joe Miranda via Flickr

9. Only in Lewisham on a Sunday can you buy original Air Max trainers.

10. All of its residents unite in their hate of the millions of traffic wardens that like to swarm locally.

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