A shameless online rant by the racist killer of Stephen Lawrence says he hopes an upcoming inquiry could clear him of the murder.

Following the announcement of an inquiry into the police investigation of Mr Lawrence's death, Gary Dobson posted the vile, rambling message on a Facebook page set up by his sister.

In it, he writes: "Finally the met police look like they are being held responsible for the monumental wrong doing they have orchestrated in this case over the last 21 years.

"The 'evidence' I am sitting in prison for was corrupted and I now hope someone will be held accountable for this.

"The failings in this investigation fall in all directions, NOT ALL IN MY FAVOUR, whenever the surface of this case is scratched more revelations are revealed that bring the whole establishment into question."

Dobson, part of a racist gang who knifed Stephen Lawrence to death in Eltham in 1993, goes on to say he hopes the inquiry will be "life-changing" for him.

Along with David Norris, Dobson was finally convicted of the killing in 2012 thanks to forensic evidence. An appeal against their conviction fell at the first hurdle.