Harry Potter has paid a sensational visit to a Bromley school.

The boy wizard attended Breaside Preparatory School in Orchard Road, starting the day with a magnificent magic show alongside colleague Madame Sprout.

Lord Voldemort's nemesis also taught the children, who dressed up as their favourite Harry Potter characters, to fly on broomsticks.

Pupil Bella Franz-Marwick said: "We went into the hall to watch a magic show, it was amazing.

"Harry Potter and Madame Sprout made wizards money turn into 'muggle' money by placing the wizard money into a glass and setting fire to it.

"After that, we went to the science room and made potions.

"We also went down to the playground to play quiddich. I was a seeker and I caught the snitch."

The visit on March 6 was part of the school's World Book Day celebrations.