Is there anything in modern life more infuriating than being disturbed at home by a cold-caller on the phone who is trying to flog double-glazing or find a victim to complete a tedious lifestyle survey?

Actually, there is one thing which is just slightly more annoying than this – and that’s those maddening pre-recorded messages which come through on mobiles, usually through ‘unknown’ or withheld numbers, advertising PPI or personal injury claim services.

How often are you plagued by unwanted calls to your landline or mobile? Do you answer calls when you’re not sure who’s calling or do you ignore them and try to find out who was ringing afterwards?

Have you ever employed revenge tactics to fight back against the scourge of cold-callers, such as engaging them in inane conversation to keep them tied up for as long as possible? What are your tips either for simply stopping unsolicited calls or getting your own back on nuisance companies?

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