Gravesend residents were gasping for a drink this morning (March 14) with more than 100 residents reporting no water supply or low pressure.

Twitter was awash with speculation and Southern Water told News Shopper most of the town was affected by the problem.

It is believed to have been caused by "routine maintenance on a nearby reservoir".

It has now been fixed although some water supplies may appear with cloudy deposits.

Caitlin Rowley tweeted from her @minim feed:"So. All of Gravesend's water has been cut off due to 'low pressure'.

"No indication when it'll be back on. Nice."

Southern Water received more than 100 calls from people to report no water or low pressure from 10.30am.

A spokesman said: “We apologise to customers in Gravesend for the inconvenience caused by the temporary loss of their water supplies today.

"Most of the town was affected.

“We believe the problem has been inadvertently caused by routine maintenance on a nearby reservoir.

“The issue has been fixed and supplies began returning to homes at lunchtime and we are sorry for any disruption this may have caused.

“Customers may notice their water being cloudy when supplies return.

“This is caused by harmless iron deposits which have been stirred up by the water returning and can be remedied by running the kitchen cold tap until the water clears.”

Have you had problems with the water supply in Gravesend today? Call the newsdesk on 01689 885 721.