A St Paul's Cray woman says the fumes from the Waste4Fuel recycling plant are making her daughter physically sick.

Jane Crockett's daughter, Cheyenne Rahman, already suffers from congenital heart defect (CHD), but the Cornwall Drive site's stench has made her situation much worse.

The 11-year-old is a pupil at Gray's Farm Primary Academy in Sevenoaks Way, located opposite the site.

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Mrs Crockett, 38, of Saxsville Road, brought her daughter to the recent Environment Agency meeting at Kemnal Technology College.

She said: "The reason we went to the meeting was I wanted her to tell the Environment Agency how it makes her feel.

"She has CHD and a few other medical issues. The fumes from the site and smell have made things much worse.

"The smell is really bad. It makes her cough and choke.

"It makes her sick - she has been physically sick on her way home from school.

"I don't understand why the site hasn't been closed down - why is everything taking so long? Why is she being made to breath these fumes?

"I am severely angry about the situation. I have never known anything like it."

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A spokeswoman for the Environment Agency said: "We updated over 250 members of the local community at our drop-in at Kemnal College on March 4 on the regulatory action that we have taken against Waste4Fuel Ltd.

"The community were able to see and ask questions on the independent volumetric, waste type and air quality surveys plus the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority fire risk survey.

"We have committed to sharing the results of the Public Health England analysis of our air quality and waste composition surveys as soon as possible.

"We are hoping to be back in the High Court by the end of March based on Waste4Fuel Ltd failing to maintain adequate fire breaks on the site and making unsatisfactory progress towards the May 1 2014 deadline to remove all combustible waste."