A Bexley Village postbox has been shut because dogs are persistently fouling on the door.

Residents living near Albert Road and Hartford Road have erupted in anger because they now have to walk into Bexley village for their nearest postbox.

The sign says 'This box has been closed due to the fact members of the public are allowing their dogs to urinate on the door' and appeared a week ago.

A woman, who lives near the box, said: "I was shocked when I saw the sign had been put up.

"I thought dogs peed on all postboxes.

"I don't see why this one should be closed.

"You don't see workers from BT closing the wiring boxes which dogs wee on as well.

"A lot of people rely on the postbox and it will just make difficult for the residents living nearby.

"The sign has been there for a week. It was a well used box and was always full."

A Royal Mail spokesperson added: "Dog fouling has been an issue for some time at this Bexley postbox.

"The box is sited at the entrance to a recreation area where dogs are let off the lead to run free.

"We have taken the decision to re-locate the box further away and we apologise to customers for the temporary disruption to their service.

"In the meantime, the nearest postboxes are at Parkhill Road and Bourne Road."