Hundreds of trees are to be planted across Bromley in a £100,000 project, it was announced today (March 13).

Bromley Council said following the “unprecedented series of storms and gales” last winter that saw widespred loss and damage it will replace as many of the fallen trees as possible.

It added the project, which will begin in the next few weeks, will see around 400 planted across the borough.

Cllr Colin Smith, executive councillor for the environment, said: “As we’ve all seen over recent months, the loss and damage to our tree stock has been extensive and rectifying those losses now is absolutely essential if future generations are going to be allowed to enjoy the same pleasure of living locally as previous ones have.

“Everyone benefits from the pleasure and character that trees bring to our street scene”.

Native species such as oak, lime and birch are set to spring up in “appropriate places”, the council reported, while ornamental cherry and Turkish hazels will also be growing.

According to the authority’s tree care contractor the recent severe weather saw around 200 incidents of fallen or damaged trees recorded by Christmas Eve alone.