We’re British and one of the few things we do better than just about everybody else in the world is queue.

So today’s burning questions about the correct etiquette to use when waiting in line should be a doddle to answer, surely. Or maybe not.

Your views are sought on two potentially tricky situations.

Firstly, what’s the right way to queue up when you’re somewhere and there are several booths/cashiers/checkouts/desks etc open but no obvious directions about where to wait?

Should people form one main line in the middle which then files off one by one as assistants, or cash machines as another example, become available? Or should people form an individual line in front of each till or machine?

In my experience fast food restaurants and box offices are among the worst places to be for chaotic queues.

Secondly, what are the rules for lining up to get on a bus or train? Should people try and form orderly queues when standing at the bus stop or waiting for the train to arrive at the platform, allowing those who were there ahead of them to board first? Or should it just be a shoulder-barging, elbow-jabbing free-for-all where everyone piles on?

Have you ever got into a confrontation with someone over queue-jumping?

Add your comments below.

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