An Orpington woman has been ordered to pay £578 after dumping a large amount of wood in a St Paul's Cray car park.

Kirsty Clarke, aged 32, of Swallowtail Close, pleaded guilty at Bromley Magistrates' Court to one charge of unlawfully depositing controlled waste.

Clarke was caught on CCTV on September 4 last year depositing wood from her car onto the ground near to bins in Cotmandene Crescent car park.

She ignored warnings displayed on signs, one of which gave clear details of the green garden waste collection site, which operates at weekends only.

The sign said waste must be compostable garden waste left only during site opening times when the lorry is present.

A second sign said: ‘No dumping or tipping waste, including green waste - fine £50,000 or 5 years imprisonment’, while a further notice warned: ‘you dump, we fine’ and again gave the penalty for not complying.

Bromley Council’s environmental services department took action through the courts as the waste was not only dumped on the ground outside the designated opening time, but was also not compostable green waste.

Councillor Colin Smith said: We want to make sure that neighbourhoods are not spoilt by those who choose to ignore the rules.

"Law abiding citizens should not have to put up with mess made by those who refuse to do the right thing, or be expected to pay through their Council tax for clearing it up."

Clarke was fined £100 plus £20 victim surcharge and ordered to pay £458 costs to the council.